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Meta Tag Creator: all your meta tags in one easy step

This handy form will help you build your meta tags for you.
Just fill it all in, hit SUBMIT, and your Meta Tags will be provided for you.
Title*, of your page.                 ( * = suggested )

Description*, to be displayed in search engines.

Keywords*, separate each word with a space.

Owner*, put your email address here.

Author*, your name.

Expiry Date, the date when the listing may be deleted.
If you do not put in this tag, it defaults to never.

Charset, ISO-8859-1 is standard.

Language, of the content of your site.

Object Type*, categorized for search engines.

Rating, for your viewers.

        index = robots may include this page in search engines.
        follow = robots may follow page links to find other pages.
don't follow (nofollow)   don't include (noindex)   index&follow

Revisit Interval, 4 days or 4 weeks or 4 months

      Click here when finished...

Now, just copy and paste the following Meta Tag between
the <HEAD> and the </HEAD> section of your HTML.


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